on my mind…

i was just moping around a little bit ago and i was thinking of what i should be doing this weekend, blah, blah, blah and stuff…and i put on my sched that it’s taty and jen’s bday bash this friday (so i need to find a way of getting out of work and getting there…or they’ll be talking about me all night…which any person wouldn’t want…believe me! you wouldn’t like my college friends making you a topic of thier conversation…=P) suddenly, i realized ’twas october already…mah bday is coming up soon!


…and a flood of emotions suddenly hits me which isn’t necessarily sad anymore…just emotions like remembering a puppy that died when you were eight…when i think about it now  sometimes i already find it silly. now i know better…the most painful event in your life will never always be that painful. as days go by and as people enter your life, it moves farther and farther into your memory and one day you think about it and realize, it isn’t as hard as it was yesterday…

and yes, you feel better!

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