If you love me: A birthday wish list

let me start by saying i am not materialistic (perhaps just a little bit =P). i just remembered that dj made a wish list on his bday and i wanted to make gaya. hahaha!

here is my wish list (…in no particular order…):

1) roses – because i haven’t received a single rose for almost two whole years!!! mind u, i’ve only been without a boyfriend for a year…i’m really sulking right now cause i feel so deprived so if u love me, you will give me a rose.

2) pillows – when you sleep days, your room and your bed should be extra nice to make up for the fact that there is sunlight streaming down your windows when you’re getting a shuteye. i’m filling my bed with tons of pillows & stuffed toys & comfy sheets…

3) stuffed toys – same reason as the pillows….

4) maroon 5 – i had wanted this last xmas or was it my last bday… the person who promised it obviously forgot!

5) new speakers for my pc – i just want one…

6) bean chair – again because i just want one….

7) a vacation – self-explanatory!!!!! everyone wants one, right? whoever disagrees, i will kick him/her!

8) someone really special – may he realize that i was always waiting for him. hahaha! (Intriga ito!)

9) a fling – for the meantime…while he still doesn’t realize i am waiting for him…

10) salary increase – read the comment in number 7…and add the fact that whoever says he doesn’t want one is a real hypocrite and could hang himself….

11) personal driver – do i have any friend who loves me enough to be one?

12) inner smile – that’s how taty calls it, right? if you’re my friend, you understand this. i don’t need to explain.

13) lots of love for everyone i love!!!!

14) and of course, one big birthday bash!!!

take your pick!!! i am really, really expecting to get half of them…hehehe. =P

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