Yesterday was the “I’m-so-sorry” day

Yesterday i was two things…one was very sleepy and the other was really embarrassed. i blame being sleepy on work (and excessive gimik) and i blame the embarrassed part on the lack of sleep. Although, someone had said i was just plain dumb. 😀

I went to mass in Bene at around 11. When the mass ended, my sister asked me to go return the mass pamphlet with her. While waiting for her at the door, I bumped into a highschool batchmate (at least i think he’s a highschool batchmate). He said said our hellos and how are yous. It wasn’t bad except that I wasn’t sure of his name. Waaaaaaaaaa! I couldn’t get on with a nice conversation coz i was trying to figure out who he is. When my sister got back, the only introduction I could give was “hey…umm..sister ko nga pala”. Another waaaaaaaaa! I could hear my friends laughing and saying that it’s so typical of me to forget.  When I got home I thought about getting the yearbook but being so sleepy, I opted to crawl into bed. But even after getting enough sleep, I still woke up embarrassed, nakakahiya talaga! So sorry talaga. I’m normally better on most days.

Second stupid thing (or maybe first thing because this happened before the one above) I did: When I got home, I was surprised to have so much food at home. My mom cooked a feast but being tired and in a hurry coz I need to go to mass with them, I didn’t have time to think about it. After mass, my mom asked me to get some take-out chicken and she bought gallons of ice cream. As I was preparing the table for lunch, I said “bakit ba ang daming food mong niluto?”.  My dad said, “ano ka ba? bday nya kasi!”. Oh noooo!!!! It was my mom’s bday! Shucks! I wanted to melt! I gave mommy a hug and a sorry kiss…

…again, I’m normally better on most days. =(

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