these are the people who have seen me through my worst days…
they were simply there when i felt my whole world was crumbling down.
they stand by me everytime i have pathetic days (which is quite a lot…)
they know me too well that i don’t have to say anything
yet they already understand
they can tell me i’m stupid straight out to my face
and i’d believe them…and would only be grateful…(hahaha!)
but no one else should dare to call me stupid
or they’ll wage war against him/her
one of the many blessings in my life…
my orgmates,
my drinking buddies,
my dancing partners,
my bashing group,
my life-long friends,
my chongs.

Pre-bday blues have been looming over my demented head since the start of this month…(for all my friends, lam nyo na kung bakit…) So I decided to count reasons why i should enjoy my bday and why I should be grateful for my bday this year…after endless thinking (which lasted 2 mins!), i ended up with 2 words: family and friends! Who cares if i don’t have a boyfriend this year!!!!?!!!!(Waaaaaaaaaa. I do pero sige kunwari hindi….), I have great friends.

I really feel so blessed this month cause of the people who have been there for me. I have the greatest friends from work (yiheee! special mention na naman sila!) and the bestest friends from college!!!

**i just spent the half-hour reading through my ym archives and emails, natatawa me mag-isa sa mga post natin….grabe! iba talaga kau!!!

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