P250/day accomodations!!

Just in case you and your family are looking for a place stay in Baguio. Try:

Bernabe’s Apartments
No. 12 Urbano Street, Baguio City
Tel No. (074) 445-73-07
(074) 445-73-11

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the place. Booo! I know most of you would want to kick me for not having any pictures so I would just put my storytelling skills to the test and would try my best to describe the place and the experience.

I would not recommend this place if you’re on a romantic trip (the walls are too thin and it’s not private enough for sexy time. LOL) rather the place is perfect for a family expedition where you have your mom, dad, sister, in-laws, bayaw, ninongs, ninang or practically the whole barangay with you. 🙂

Staying overnight will cost only P1500/night. Though there is no maximum number of people that can stay in one room, the room was designed for 4 people but can comfortably fit 6 (rent an extra mattress and you’re all set!). Check out time is up to 12 nn daily.

The facade of the building is not really inviting. But don’t run just yet, look for the proprietress Aling Sita and ask to see the amenities. The rooms are located on the 3rd floor of the building. A tip from me: if you have a sedentary lifestyle and your only form exercise is the walk to your car, I suggest you don’t rush the stairs. 😛

The interior has a log cabin motif and it emanated a quaint ambiance that is so Baguio.There are a total of 8 rooms available and each room has it’s own designated kitchen and bathroom (though not all the bathrooms are inside the rooms, ours with right across hall). The other common amenities in the place are the living room and the veranda.

The rooms are a lot plainer and has no log cabin motif. There are 2 double beds available, a dresser and a small cabinet. The room was designed for 4 people but if you join the beds then youcan probably accomodate 5-6 people depending on your sleeping position. 🙂 If you’re not a fan of cramp sleeping space, I suggest you rent an mattress for P100/night. They would even give you blanket and pillows to come with it. (Don’t laugh but there’s one resort where we rented an extra mattress and they actually laughed when we asked if it comes with a pillow).

The bathroom isn’t anything spectacular. It was actually particularly plain: tiled, plain wooden doors, regular sink, non-fancy shower and faucet, and no division between the shower and the toilet…but it was always clean and had a good supply of hot water. If there seems to be a lack of hot water, ask caretakers so they could check the heater for your bathroom (we actually spent one whole day putting up with the ice-cold shower only to be told the next day that they forgot to turn on our heater!).

The living room is spacious with 2 loooong sofas, a love seat, a center table and a lot of legroom. Even if the place is packed with other guests, you’d have enough space for yourself (perfect for drinking session with your whole barkada!). One family even used the sofas as their bedroom extension with one person sleeping on each couch (though I wasn’t sooo crazy about their setup as I couldn’t watch TV into the weee hours of the morning). The only thing that I wasn’t crazy about is that only one TV had to be shared by everyone so think of creative tactics on how to gain control of the remote.

Moving on to the space that I spent the least time in: the kitchen. It had all the basic kitchen requirements: a fridge, a stove, some pots and pans, 4 plates, 4 cups, 4 glasses, 4 forks and if the other kitchens are like ours, no spoons. hehe. No water dispenser though so make sure you buy gallons of drinking water.

The veranda was cold, cold, cold. It was always breezy. Most of us spent spent either our early mornings or our late nights in this part of the house. The view wasn’t as spectacular as the hotel we’ve stayed in before as most of what we could see were rooftops of residential houses. There was still a view of the city lights, you simply had to train yourself to look at a certain direction to find the nice view. 😀

The A+ feature about this apartment is the fact that they clean everything daily. You go out in the morning and you come back to new sheets and clean rooms (including bathrooms and common areas!).

Bernabe’s Apartments was definitely a good experience: cozy but not pricey. A common apartment that managened to have an itsy bitsy hint of hotel service infused in it.

Overall, I would give it an 8 out of a 10.

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