Way back during our first few months together, Nice and I had already given some precious time to naming our future offsprings. This is me admitting that we are a very mushy couple. Well, I couldn’t care less about what you think so just continue to the next paragraph. Hehe. 😛

Our first born is a boy (a must! otherwise, I threathened to preserve the girl in some cling wrap and a freezer). The name of the boy is Jake Leane, which I loved the moment Nice said it so there were no arguments there.

Now since we only wanted to have a maximum of 2 kids, we still needed to come up with a second name. Two names actually: one if it’s a girl and one if it’s a boy. I distinctly remember we agreed to 2 boys name already…unfortunately, we both can’t remember the 2nd boy’s name. (The first born hype is just too much! LOL.) The girl’s name is supposed to be athena kristine… but due to us getting to know someone who had the same name and this person not faring very high in our “i like you” meter, we decided against giving our future daugther that name.

In summary, we now have a boy’s name that we like but we had forgotten and no girl’s name…

Then while browsing Friendster, I came across the name “Bella”…

The girl’s name Bella \b(el)-la\ is pronounced BELL-ah.
It is of Italian and Latin origin, and its meaning is “beautiful“.

I am smitten. Bella Kristine… Like Beauty in Walt Disney

I was immediately informing everyone….Unfortunately, it reminded Nice and Charing of Bella Flores. I argued that it was pronounced differently…

…but still, I was a minority. The tribe has spoken.

Poor nameless second child.

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