Pictures of my very busy week

I have been unemployed for technically 42 days (officially for 21 days). Everyone says to enjoy the time off (i’m trying! i’m trying!) but with the ever increasing price of petrol and the lack of money generation on my part, I am forced to stay within a 10 km radius of my menage. Poor me!

And because I desperately don’t have any activity planned for today, boredom lead me to the pictures in my phone. So now, my activity for the next 2 hours is to reconstruct the events of my week. How fun! (I am being sarcastic unless anyone missed it…)

I think it was last week that I watched a village?/barrio?/town? basketball game. Nice was playing so it was definitely something to see! He hasn’t had any decent exercise for the last 1 and half years and now, he decides to join a full-on basketball game. (The real reason I was watching was to make sure someone can drive him to the hospital if he injures himself. ;P)

I went with Czing and Eunice. That’s Eunice in her automatic Japanese pose (she does that pose everytime there’s a camera…thanks to Czing for teaching her well).

One realization for the night: Basketball games are not interesting for 2 yr olds. LOL. She had been saying “Mama me” (which meant go home to mommy) since the fourth quarter but the game went into double overtime and guiltily, we were not giving her any bit of attention. ;p

That’s her and the bench by the second overtime.


You can go ahead and ask Nice when these pictures were taken. I would not say the date lest his co-MCs end up killing him and I get blamed for being a tattletale.

Michael and I ended up poking fun at Nice. Who says he didn’t drink much (yea right!)




These last 2 shots involved the rare times that I got to go out. ;P

Scenic shots in the metro. We were on our way to MOA.

The sky looked absolutely beautiful.
…and for once, traffic looked awesome.

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