Supposedly about Individuality

The initial plan was to get a massage and then catch the last full show of Narnia. But what I really wanted was to have a haircut — but I knew getting Nice to agree with me was going to be a long ordeal. Surprise! Surprise! (or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been mopey the past few days) because he didn’t argue at all and even joined me in trying to find a budget-friendly, not-too-crowded but good-enough-service salon. So after 2 magazines and a psp game, I had triumphantly gotten a short ‘do.

The style was still in layers but this time the back part was a lot shorter than the front. Think of a U and a 45 degree tilt. I was pretty happy with the cut (a little bit anxious on how it would look like the next day, sans the blowdry). The hair minus the blowdry wasn’t so bad…of course, it wasn’t as fabulous as the styled one (understandable) but the waves did ok, it was a nice messy version of the night before.

Charing saw my hair and said she wanted a cut too. She was actually the one who wanted to have her hair fixed so she made lambing that we should have her hair made too. The picture on the right is exactly how she wants it done. When I saw the picture, it looked similar to mine (except mine had no bangs and had less drastic layers). Then Czing said she also wanted an emo haircut… Oooops. Pause. Stop. Rewind. Emo what?!

Did I just get myself an emo haircut? Oh no. The last thing I wanted to was to get anything teen (ok maybe not really teen…but have you seen how many below 20-yr old kids are into emo stuff?). I had to rush to the mirror and check (which I did again as I was writing this) and I would say no. It doesn’t fall under that category…as long as I don’t style it that way anyway.

So I forgive Czing for the comment and we tried to figure out how she could get the style she wants without ripping her mom’s bank account. Our problem was that her hair was extremely frizzy and all these emo cuts are made up of diligently straightened strands. So we went Googling emo hairstyles and I was very much surprised that emo is all about being unique. Then why the hell do they all look the same? I am dumbfounded.

On a nostalgic side note:

One blog said what you have to do is get a pair of scissors and styling stuff then cut and style your hair until you get something comfortable to your personality. Naalala ko tuloy si Kate. She would do that way back in 1999 (malamang ever since high school pa sya actually). If she’s still doing clothes and hair and makeup, malamang it could be a lucrative business for her. She was always a standout in college…sometimes weird but still pretty standout. How does she feel kaya that everything seems to be becoming mainstream?

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