Gatecrash with Nadia

Previously posted this with the just the picture of the band (I think they already have a pretty decent following. Not to mention that their drummer always has a regular set of groupies with him. hehehe.) but because I haven’t been to any single gig, I feel I owe Jose Maria Angelo Cruz some write-up for publicity.(If anyone actually reads this blog, then good for them…but i doubt. LOL)

For those who have Moki on IM and friendster or those subscribed to Sun, they know the weekly invites as well as I do. So the big question is “Why after several months of Moki’s incessant plugging do I give in just now?”

I got to listen to the rough mix of their songs…and I loved both songs they uploaded. The first one was an immediate favorite: Labyrinth 🙂 Now you have to trust me on this one and since you’re still reading this blog, which means you have absolutely nothing better to do… go and waste some more of your time and click the link (you can continue reading while they rock in the background):

…and if you like the drummer, I can set up a…ummm…ummm….i would like to say date but he doesn’t really like paying for dinner (LOL)…so how about some make-out time? Hahaha. I heard he still does not say no to girls as long as they’re good enough. Hahaha. Peace!

Now I have to say something absolutely serious: You need to start partying this weekend. Support their music and start going to their gigs!!!

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