It’s been a very tough week


grabe tong linggo na toh. i am at a total loss for words for everything that my family is currently experiencing. Last week, ang problema ko lang ay kung bakit wala pa akong schedule for job interviews. Syempre worried ako kasi wala na akong pambayad ng car by July. Bakit ba kasi ang mahal mahal ng gas? P53 per liter. Naman!

But having no work is very, very relaxing. I get to watch basketball games, am able to concentrate on things that I want to finish, and I have so much time for my hobbies so despite all the worries at the back of my head, I use the fact that companies are slow as an excuse for not actively walking down the streets of Ortigas and Makati.

Kaso nung tuesday, I received a very disturbing phone call from my dad. Pumunta daw ako ng hospital but he wouldn’t tell me anything except that my cousin is confined there. Malamang you’re now thinking how OA I am kasi cousin lang pala e. Well, my mom’s sister’s daughters are our adopted kids. Kung pwede lang sa isang bahay kami, sa isang bahay na lang — my dad goes to their school affairs since wala na sila dad, my mom includes their allowance into our budget, I tech support all their school needs, my sister completes their tripletdom — we all take care of what we can for them and they do the same for us.

I had to talk to my tita over the phone because I couldn’t calm my nerves. She said my cousin had a nervous breakdown and I could feel it was more than just some nervous breakdown. So Nice and I rushed to the hospital.

RM 709. Kakapasok ko pa lang lumabas na agad kami ni Tita to talk. I asked her what happened… she said na they don’t know na bigla na lang syang nagwawala. Hitting them and talking about demons. She was very, very afraid and she peed in her shorts because she was so fearful of going out of the house. The doctors didn’t rule out the possibility of sexual abuse and had required a pregnancy test, everyone is on the verge of insanity while waiting for the results.

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