Freelancing: with nothing better to do, it’s the best thing you can do.

I have always been a closet internet junkie. This whole mess of virtual networks that made the whole world shrink into an LCD screen is similar to my fascination of Disneyland when I was a kid– simply full of wonders and limited only by my imagination. When I was too busy pretending to be an important executive a few months back, my quest to learn all about the http:// was put in the backseat.  But alas, my love affair was destined to continue and I was reunited by fate to this wonderful place.

They say one human year is equal to 100 internet years. I couldn’t believe how many terms and concepts I do not have any grasp on, which roused my curiosity more. I will self-confess to foregoing job applications in favor of surfing. But the worsening economic situation will always make you squirm especially if you don’t have anyone putting bi-monthly deposits to your atm. Thus, the start of trying to make this not-so-good habit into a money-generating hobby. But where does one start?

I don’t know what I hit on google that day but i stumbled upon elance. I paid membership. But only because I was too dumb not to figure out that you can have free membership. The deal was good, pay $10, you get 20 bids per month and minimum project payout is $50. I was of course eager the first day I joined, I created a skeleton profile. In retrospect, it was nothing worthy of a second look. So of course, there were no winning bids. I listed it under failed endeavors and moved on. After two weeks, I fell into one of my boredom spells… and found my way back into the elance site.

So what I did that one fateful day was to look at the projects that I didn’t win and who actually won them. Most of the people who won bid very, very close to the minimum limit of $50. They bid very near to it even if the required hours or length period are several days ahead… almost as if they were bidding for a trial period and not the whole project. I also went looking at the high earnings in the Philippines. I was surprised to see individual people earning $4,500+ for the past 6 mos. At the current exchange rate, that’s 198K. Not bad for working at home.

So I decided on 2 things, re-bid and re-write the profile. I’ve had 5 projects since.

Not yet as good as earning the CCM salary. But I’m home, I get to stop working when I’m tired and I get to work lying down on my bed. Not bad eh?

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