New to the South

This week kinda went off in blur. I had to go through fixing my last salary, new freelance clients, an interview, a job offer and an exam. I haven’t been this busy since Cricket.

After 9 weeks (3 weeks of which, I was living in almost poverty), I suddenly found myself with 2 month worth of CCM salary. Thanks TP for finally releasing the back pay. It took them 2 months and a quite a bit of incompetencies… but am not complaining now. I have a new resolve not to say anything that might be deemed nasty against my lovely former company. Much less, I will be an advocate of encouraging people who are still there to stick it out — until they have another job offer. hehehe.

As much as I enjoyed being a bum, it was a living hell not having anything stable. My eternal thanks to my mother who offered to pay for everything while I didn’t have anything. :) I was silent while she talked through the deal, good thing I didn’t run out of money before the back pay came. All good but my mom is simply the best, ain’t she?

Luckily too, I got the job that I wanted last Thursday. The first thing I said when the managing director quoted my salary was “Really?” in an unbelieving but terribly excited tone. Company policy states that I cannot reveal how much it is to colleagues so just in case anyone from the office gets to reading my blog or anyone of my friends know my current officemates, I will leave only clues — the offer was me a little less than the CCM salary but a little bit more than the ACCM’s. (Kermitt should be able to guess…)

Not bad for someone who was expecting to be offered something around an agent rate.

And oh… Ola is also working for the same company. We had the same job offer day. It was a nice? surprise.

Now, my next big adventure is to learn how working in the south works…

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