Drunk and Silly

She wants to get drunk.

The type of drunk when you finish a large bottle of tequila and then half a case of beer. The type of drunk that you go vomiting at the curb outside the bar. So drunk that you do crazy things like jump down stairs, slap a random stranger, or strip.

I often hear her griping about being 25 and not having a relationship. sometimes, she would painstakingly go into the details of her old-er relationship and we’d tease her about not being over her ex. She would deny, explain too much, and find a date by Friday night.

She’s funny but her date-scapades are funnier! We would end up staying up all night talking about how this guy couldn’t (beep!). We’d analyze this gorgeous guy, who we think is gay no matter how many times he agrees to go out with her. We talked about girls the way little boys talked about girls.

I teased her about wanting drama in her life. I teased her about being too overdramatic. I told her she complicates life so that her boring (in)existence would spice up a little. She’d laugh, toss her hair and say “Spoken like someone who knows exactly what I’m going through…”

Then I’d deny, explain too much, and have drinks ready by Friday night!

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