Early morning stressor

Saturday morning, Amor and I decided to waste some money at the Saturday Market. I figured I’d be spending the weekend alone and would probably just be watching DVDs all day (or night!) so making the experience more fun is definitely having “happy” food to munch on. Forget diet regiments for the weekend! Yey!

Of course before we could enjoy the trip, we had to withdraw some hard earned money from our newly credited atms. By this time, Donna had already figured out an excuse to leave early and hang with us! So off we went to the ground flr… probably because of too much use from our colleagues the BDO machine broke and wouldn’t dispense anymore money… sniff! sniff!

So Donna, Amor and I went off to discover other atm machines in the nearby building. We finally ended up in the building beside UniOil Center (which I don’t know what the name is), there was a choice between Maybank and Expert Teller. I decided to use Maybank on the left while Donna used the Expert Teller on the right. Donna finished first and I asked her how much the withdrawal limit is on the other machine. She said she was able to do five!

Me: Oh! Then I’m definitely withdrawing from that machine. I’d be saving 11 pesos!!

I was never really conscious about bank fees until Anna (I think) started computing how much 11 pesos amounts to after several transactions… so instead of withdrawing just 5K outright…I punched 1 with four zeroes after. Lucky me! The screen displayed transaction completed.


And then the blue screen displayed this message “TRANSACTION ERROR”…

I was getting a bit nervous at this point. I put in my card again and was silently praying (but not yet panicking)…Balance Inquiry. The balance is now P10,000 less…

Me in a really pissed tone: Guys, you wouldn’t believe this. I got debited…

Donna and Amor: Oh no…

Amor: Get the number…

Amor or Donna: Call now…

Amor: Find the number. The ATM Machine should have a number you can report…

Me: Let me try withdrawing again… (but having second thoughts)

I was ready to leave but for some reason I looked at the slot where the money was supposed to come out of….

Me: Uy! The money’s here! It’s stuck…

Donna and Amor to the rescue!!! (I am just so lucky to have them as my friends.) Donna started pulling out the bills one at a time… she was sble to get three P500 bills out before we realized that what we were doing was also pushing the money back into the machine! OH NO!

And then Amor started the most amazing thing! hehehe. She realized that by manually rolling the rubber part of the machine, the conveyor part moves thus dispensing the money. Amor rolled while Donna pulled the bills out…while I was generally useless on one side!

Now, we were all inside the atm space and if you measured the space that allowed people inside the atm room…it’d be around 2.5′ x 4′ and the three of us were all cramped inside this space! Since it’s also a saturday morning, the aircon was out… we ended up sweating some pounds off!

After a few more minutes, My gorgeous and very independent girls! were able to get all the bills out! Amor ’s finger muscles definitely needed some spa after that ordeal!… and I got an earful from Donna for trying to withdraw too much money with one transaction.

hehehe. Definitely my fun-est experience with my new officemates to date!

One important lesson we learned from this issue is…

… Occasionally, the three of us will now be checking that ATM. We might just find stuck cash in it again!

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