I do not remember you as the pip girl…
I remember you as the girl who remembers me often.
and I am thankful,
makes me think that in all the 100 wrongs I did,
there must have been 1 right in it…

So all the bitterness that place has left in me
is overshadowed by your kindness and your friendship.
I am never the girl that is very good at keeping touch,
but that doesn’t mean i forgot,

because every once in a while, i remember green and blue stations…
and team greta right in front of my aquarium.
…I remember how calm and happy things used to be,

and i remember jessi…

***In response to Jessi’s friendster comments. It’s just nice to know that in the vastness of it all, there is someone who remembers you and thinks you made a difference in their life… I am humbled and grateful of it all.

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