it has been a long time, huh?

but i guess what ifs will always creep up to you.

one day or another.

every now and then.

and i feel sinful because i still remember.

you see, i remembered you while listening to abba.

abba’s take a chance on me. you could always sing it with me.

actually you could sing all their songs with me.

and we genuinely liked them, didn’t we?

it was fun knowing someone who likes a lot of things you like.

singing the same songs, remembering the same movies,

buying the same books, playing the same online games,

discussing on the same intellectual level,

challenging convictions and principles,

having similar priorities. it was easy,

wasn’t it?

or maybe it was just as how i remembered it.

if i am not right, then i must only be remembering the good times.

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