en route to a perfect Christmas

My past 3 Christmas-es have all been just a few lines over depressing. I was stupid enough to think that being on-call and working the during the holidays is a sign of being important, sad to say, I realized it was just a sign of being stupid and that you’re working as a pawn in multi-billion company that doesn’t really care about you. Well, no more!

After a very long time, I am entitled to a 2-week Christmas Holiday. Last day of work Dec 23 @6pm EST and no need to go back until Jan 5 @830am EST. The only thing about this schedule is it’s too near Christmas Eve for me to get all the things I want to get done done… Oh well! I am too giddy about getting Holiday off that I am putting every other thing as itsy-bitsy-I-do-not-care-about-anything-else list.

I haven’t had time to enjoy Christmas Carols or the lights on our Christmas tree yet (definitely making time even if it’s post Christmas)… but I am sooooooooooooo ecstatic about the gifts that I have received so far…

  1. an MP4 player from cdr king – nothing flashy like an ipod but it does what it’s supposed to do. plays audio & video, views ebooks & pictures, 4GB memory with option to expand via microSD and best of all, less than 2K! Such a steal… been watching episodes of gossip girl, chuck, criminal minds, house the whole week
  2. bronze tote – every girl can not have enough bags in her life! ’nuff said.
  3. initialed necklace and bracelet – donna definitely has good taste! matching silver necklace and bracelet with rhinestoned letter j charm.
  4. civicom tote with bonus surprises: bronze make-up pouch, bare minerals shimmer powder and kabuki brush
  5. purple l**^@$3 pouch – unfortunately, not an original… but the design is just what i needed: 3 seperate pockets that could hold money, cards, lip gloss, compact, phones and mp4 player.
  6. orange note holder – cute flower design that will fit perfectly on my cluttered desk!
  7. set of bath & body works in japanese cherry blossom – the spray, lotion, shower gel and body wash! an unexpected gift from mama azon and ate b. v. excited about it!
  8. 3 shirts: red nylon tank top a la sports wear, maroon three-fourths with slightly puffed sleeves and baby doll cut and dialogue shirt that says ‘if my mom calls, i’m not here’ – all do not fit so well. everything a bit too large… oh well, i lost a significant amount of weight since I stopped being with Nice all the time. am back to the larger medium sizes now and maybe a few more and i can fit on the regular medium…
  9. native inspired pouch – hmmm. another addition to our cabinet full of ‘maybe in the future’
  10. baked goodies – arrrrrrrgh! sinfully delicious and bad for my resolve….
  11. earrings in a very nice package – love the package, earrings to join the jewelry pit…
  12. subic-purchased chocolates: 2 large blocks of cadbury peppermint, macademia and crunch! – see complain on entry #10

Of course, gifts coming from me to me were also very exciting! A quick rundown of what I bought so far…

  1. silver necklace with a blue asymmetrical star pendant – amazingly unique. i’ve been counting compliments since day
  2. heart pendant made of pink and white rhinestones
  3. bronze platforms – casual heels often used when you want some comfort but need height added…
  4. divi shirts and dresses – cheap! cheap! cheap! black balloon blouse, army green and red spaghetti-strapped baby doll blouse, purple balloon razorback shirt with zebra print, brown ballon razorback shirt with gold sunflower print, black flowing dress with black&white tassel accent and black&white tube dress with a black belt accent
  5. brown glittered flats! – yes. shiny glitters like jeweled shoes.
  6. wide lace belt in old rose – it was a steal at P90 only
  7. universal car charger – for the mp4 and my phones. finally!
  8. denim shorts from kamiseta – last minute purchase for the xmas party!

Call me insatiable… but Christmas brings out my greed and lust for all things pretty. So let me end with the all the other things that are still on my list. Deadline: before the three kings day, the last day of christmas…

  1. an 8 hour hair treatment – stupid me messed up my hair at laiya. Note to self: don’t stay under sun too long without hair protection!!!!
  2. laptop bag – colorful and hopefully would fit all my gadgets….
  3. purple nike cortez
  4. a-line denim mini skirt
  5. the green blouse from f&h except make 2 larger and 3 smaller
  6. the black dress from maldita (the one with the polka dot ribbon)

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