27 eves after

i realized that i had suppressed my excitement for 3 whole days for fear of not being able to go to work if i get to excited about my 2-week break. Fast forward to 730pm (EST) of December 23 and the excitement finally burst out! i felt so giddy that i was actually dizzy. hehe.

The early part of the day was uneventful as I spent a good part of it unconscious on the couch. I woke up to sounds of cooking, my mom and sister were in-charge of making a wonderful noche buena for us. The sumptuous meal included buttered shrimp, calamares, pochero, ham, my mom’s famous potato salad, baked macaroni, pork barbecue and lumpia. I was amused by the amount of food we prepared, knowing only 6 people would be eating tonight. I felt like 15 all over again.

Of course, my mom wanted all of us to go Misa de Gallo. (Sidetrack here. Did you know that Misa de Gallo translates to Rooster’s Mass? Because it actually happens at dawn. That’s a new trivia for me…). The mass was at 10 pm. Being one really big tradition in this pre-dominantly Catholic country, we had to be at church by 9 pm-ish. I wasn’t too excited about being an hour early and didn’t believe my mom when she swore that seats will already be filled as early as 9. So instead of taking one big car to church, I told my mom and dad to go ahead and save seats. My sister, brother, Tara and I would follow using my car. At 9:55, I was proven wrong. The nearest parking space I could find was at least a block away and it wasn’t even a legit parking space as I only followed a long line of double parked cars. We ended up hearing mass outside the church, which was not as solemn as I wanted the experience to be. But it was a good thought that a huge crowd (possibly made up of a lot of people who do not go to church often) paid their respect and say their thanks. Often it is criticized that Catholics only go to church on special occasion despite it being the sad truth, I am still hopeful. Others might say it’s just tradition but I see it as faith.

The kids suddenly realized we didn’t have any dessert except for cassava cake and ube. Both of which do not fall into my brother’s definition of dessert so off we went to ever-reliable Treats! (halleluyah to 24-hour convenience stores!) Tara and Vic went into an ice cream spree, buying 3 tubs when there will only be 6 people eating!

Dinner was very casual. πŸ™‚ Grab a plate (or not) and start eating! My brother popped Dark Knight into the DVD for entertainment while we were eating everything we could handle.

Normally, we should have been opening right after dinner. But since I have a very low EQ, I do not have any unopened gifts (see previous post) and neither does my sister (as I influenced her on my low EQ-ness). LOL. But it won’t be Christmas if you don’t get to unwrap anything, right? So my sister and I ended up opening mom’s gifts!! (with christmas looting as my agenda for the night)

After most people have retired to bed, my brother’s childhood friends and him had their annual drinkfest in our garage while I stayed up alone in the couch savoring the first night of my 2-week off, IM-ing Nice while watching season 5 of One Tree Hill.

So far so great… Merry Christmas everyone!

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