Aftermath of Christmas

Woke up at 10 am today! Wow! I am definitely having a great time!

Spent the whole time yesterday with Nice’s family. It was Ate Cleq’s birthday and the annual Christmas celebration at Mama Ming’s house. Normally, we’d leave the place early and head home after having our fill of lunch. But yesterday was different as Kuya Allan and his whole brood were visiting home after 3 years!

I was of course playing the obedient girlfriend and hoping that not one of his relatives want to throw me off the balcony. 🙂 So far so good, I think!

Kuya Allan and Mamu (Kuya Allan’s wife) are both programmers based in Australia. I was surprised that when we got there, our first agenda was to try to get them online using 3G phones. No DSL? Wifi?… Apparently, no cyber-addict lives in that house so it was up to me and Nice to try and save the day. LOL. Mamu was definitely amused by me as I opened my tote an pulled out all my wires and phones… but I would not claim to be a well-prepared geek yet as I forgot all my CD installers in my old laptop bag! Booohoo! Extra time-wasting steps need to be done then… I was actually manually computing if it was faster to drive home and grab my stuff versus downloading PC suite stuff of the net. I decided to trust the power of HSDPA. After a series of downloading -USB transferring-downloading-installing, everything seems to be setup so we try to connect using Mamu’s 2gig ultra-light MSI notebook (I would have died it it came in purple). Error! Amp! Oooops…stumped, I tried to remember what I could have missed. Slightly frowning and Nice almost laughing, I realized that the phone needs to be configured to use SMART’s network. Easy, right? Just text SET 3G A501 to 211 and you get an SMS reply that says: “Sorry. We do not support this phone model.”

I remember I couldn’t get my couz online when she had a phone that came from England and none of the tech people from custserv were able to help me either… So who can help me now? I am feeling very anxious about making a call to SMART’s tech line as their agents have yet to show their usefulness in any issue I’ve had. Surprisingly, I talked with a very nice girl (I suck for not remembering here name! Ugh!). Although most of what she suggested I already know would not work, I was able to ask her questions that helped me figure out what I needed to do. Luckily for Mamu, I have a Samsung phone too! Copied the network configuration on my phone to hers and Voila! “Connected at 230 kbps.” So welcome to slow surfing Australian citizens (LMAO) but then again, you are in a house with no any type of internet setup. Learn not to complain. hehehe.

Afternote: You know that I try hard not to complain as it is Christmas but I can’t believe how SMART advertises HSDPA, 3G and 2mbps when all the damn areas are actually just getting 384 kbps! I just keep getting excited that this area might be somewhere I can get more than 384 and then end up very disappointed. Oh well…

At around 4-ish, there was nothing left to do except eat (but I try not to). Nice was catching up on some zzz and seems to be quite happy at it (I can say it by the rhythm of his snores. hehe). So Czing and I decided to march to ruins and buy some DVDs and whatever else that we can find that will amuse us. Oh, and also to finally end the quest of unlocking my network-locked 6120 phone. The trip wasn’t as fun as we wished it would be. Due to my torrent downloading capabilities, I am pretty much up to date with all the TV series I have been watching. I ended up buying new shows in the hopes of liking them too (I did this once and bought Without A Trace, I wa awful!). Despite me not liking anything in particular, I ended up buying 11 dvds: Weeds Season1-3, Las Vegas Season 1-2, The Office Season 4-5, Gossip Girl Season 2 for Amor so she can catch up with us, Twilight (I still think it’s a ridiculously awful movie…Donna?) for Booze and Sam’s enjoyment, the animated Resident Evil because it looked cool (thanks to the guy who was checking it out when we were on the same booth) and Pulse 3 for Ate Ching so she can have her Halloween fix even if it’s Christmas.

So off we went back to Mama Ming’s as we were getting awfully hungry. If you’re going to ask why we didn’t buy anything from the nice shops all around BF if we were that hungry, I’d like to describe Mama Ming’s house during Dec 25 in a few words: Think Dad’s crossover buffet without the P600 charge. There are even 2 sets of menu: one for lunch and another for dinner. So even if we were craving for yummy Shawarma and addicting McDo fries, we resisted knowing that dinner was going to be soooo much more satisfying. Of course, we were not disappointed! The Russian Salad was my favorite for the night and a close second would be dessert, a tie between Revel bars and Crinkles.

It’s just the second day of the 2-week vacation, isn’t it?


So far so good…

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