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Dell Wasabi PZ310 Photo Printer

I am drooling right now!

The default webpage on my laptop’s IE7 is still the Dell website (primarily because I don’t browse on IE unless I need to open 2 accounts on yahoo or google or adobe). Since I bought blossom last year, I have become a big fan of Dell (althlough VAIO’s metallic purple laptop is defnitely swaying my attention) and every time I happen to open IE, I take a few minutes to look at the flash ad.

The Ultramobile Photot Printer comes in 3 colors: Pink, Blue, and Black. It retails for $239 + plus shipping charges. Wasabi prints using Bluetooth® (no wires! wooohoo!), the paper used are adhesive backed and it uses the latest ZINKTM technology. How cool and convenient is it to print using Zero InkTM?

The only thing that stopped me from clicking the check out cart is the fact that it uses a special Zero InkTM paper. The paper itself isn’t expensive –each pack contains 12 pieces and buying 8 packs would only cost you $38…that’s roughly 39 cents (P20) per paper — but I am just not a big fan of devices that have specific requirements (I will only buy an ipod when there’s no need to convert mp3s to another format).One more thing to figure out is how long a person can remain satisfied about photos sized 2×3 inches only…

So if someone gave me this as a gift today, I’d be ecstatic… but if I need to buy it myself, i’d probably wait for a couple more reviews.

1 thought on “Dell Wasabi PZ310 Photo Printer”

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