‘ME’ time

A few weeks back, I was able to watch Finding Forrester again and of course heard a line that I have tried unsuccessfully to live by the past 15 years of my life: to just write.

A writer is supposed to write. Though I cannot quote the exact phrase, he said to stop all the thinking, the brainstorming, the analyzing and to simply just write. Every day I try to remember this and every time that I do, I will as immediately forget.

But today… Today! Today! Today!

Today is something different!Though it took 2 hours from the time I thought about doing it to actually typing a few random incoherent words, today is still going to be something different. So before I get absorbed in deciding what I should be writing about, I would just pick out a fun reminder for me tomorrow.

Perhaps in the course of me writing, I would also come to a realization of why the days seem too short. Let me chronicle the 2 hours that passed and what sidetracked me from doing what I claim to love best.

The first delay reason is simple: My Mafia Wars Energy got replenished!

For those who play Mafia Wars, I know you are nodding your head right now and absolutely understanding why I had to use up all my Energy before doing any other task. Normally, it should have taken less than 5 minutes to click on jobs and consume all points but not when you’re doing the Underboss Level. It’s a ridiculous level because all the jobs require Illegal Transaction Records or some other kind of loot!!! Instead of simple clicking, there’s now an extra step to finish all my Stamina in the hope of finding some useful loot.

Down 35 Stamina points later with 2 side trips to the hospital, I got myself one lousy Illegal Transaction Record. Without any more stamina to fight, I decided to use my precious energy points on a job that gave out ITR. I searched and searched and searched but I couldn’t find the job… enter GOOGLE. The thing I hate is about Google actually gets you the most relevant post to your search but not necessarily the latest one (imagine newspaper archives arranged by sales generated)… so add a couple of mins for clicking several links before finding a concise wikianswer.

In between the search and the wikianswer, I stumbled upon “Confessions of a Capo” which as the article said is the ultimate guide to playing Mafia Wars. Just wanted to have a quick peep and figure out if it was worth adding to Delicious… Of course, the internet jungle does not follow the shortest route path rule, so I clicked on two more articles that talked about the same site before I found a direct link to the site. I am really in awe of how people had made the internet such a mess! (another possible blog idea here— changing font color to remind me) 30 minutes after, I am finally spending the needed 5 minutes to use up all my newly replenished Mafia Wars Energy.

45 minutes after my initial thought of writing random words into my blog, I have finally logged into blogger. The ritual that I have when blogging is to open the post page first and then view blog in another tab to check the visitor counter. That’s when it occurred to me that my new blog, which chronicles all my rantings/ravings, is deprived from all my FB friends. Knowing it only took a few minutes the first time, I decided to configure Blogger into Facebook first.

Hmmm… Perhaps it’s the new layout but I just couldn’t remember how I was able to link my WP blog to Blogger. I mucked around FB first trying to click on every link that would make sense: account settings, notes… then I thought maybe I need to setup via blogger so I went to layout and scanned through all the options. Hmmm. Another mystery and though I have already complained about it several times… Enter Google.

Like the Illegal Transaction Records, it was another fun/frustrating search. I found a lot of articles!!! Google even managed to confuse my query into its reverse (I clicked on a couple that was about how FB links to blogs). There were interesting articles about FB Apps that do the job: 1 out 3 seem to be working (the 2 others have a ton of complaints written in the Wall). I imagine whoever developed the importing application did so before the notes importing option was available and probably stopped developing it since it can easily be done through the site.

I did find the page where you can import blog posts into FB notes (plus I figured out how I got so confused in the first place). I was in the right track when I clicked on notes… When you get to notes, click on “Older Posts/See Older Posts” (there’s a link to the right of your post below all the notes you’ve made and there’s also a link at the bottom of all your notes on that page). Once you’ve clicked on this, the display links to the right of your post changes, you should now see Notes Settings with Import and Privacy links. Click on Notes setting and you should be able to import posts from one blog.

One Blog. That proved to be a new problem for me as I decided to maintain two seperate blogs: one dedicated to just my original poetry and this one. Knowing a ton of people are also maintaining multiple blogs, I know there is one great solution out there. I could have gone through some more checking and experimenting but the clock was still ticking. I had already wasted a good hour and a half in finding a solution that would allow FB users to read my blog… but then what good will the capability do if I didn’t have any post to share anyway?

So I wisely decided to find a solution some other time.

Finally, I found my way into a blank page.

Following Forrester’s advice, I didn’t think about SEO or what topic would generate traffic into my page or what is more relevant.

I just started what felt right…

…and ended up with 1059 words.

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