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Restaurant City

Much to the dismay of everyone in the office, Facebook was banned last week. My theory in the banning of this wonderful, wonderful website is because of the office’s new facebook app addiction: Restaurant City.

Indirectly, the banning of FB may have all been my fault as I was the person who brought RC to the office. My seatmate Bethany found it cute and decided to start one herself… and everyone followed suit.

Restaurant City starts allows you to run your very own restaurant! Like any other business, you start off with a small space and little cash. To jumpstart production, you were pre-given 3 dishes (1 for starter, main and dessert), a stove, 3 chairs and tables, and a choice to hire 2 friends as workers.

People randomly enter your shop and judge your place based on the speed of your service. The speed of service is dependent on your workers’ energy. Keep them on the green smiley face and they will keep most of your customers happy.

Customers would either give you a green thumbs up or a red thumbs down. A green thumbs up affects three things: cash flow, gourmet points and popularity. The red thumbs directly affects popularity and indirectly affects the gourmet points and popularity.

Popularity determines the number of customers that walk in to your resto. The max popularity is 50 points. Don’t panic if you can’t reach 50 as this is normal at normal levels. You get a thumbs up for every customer that you get to serve, a thumbs up gets you $2 and 2 gourmet points. Gourmet points are needed to level up. 🙂 Each completed level provides you either: more space or extra employees.

As your level goes higher, your customers will have additional requirements like bathroom, entertainment, etc. So save some money to buy these required amenities.

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