deleting my friendster account…

Much as I’d like to keep my Friendster account, I can’t tolerate the amount of spam from that site. Before I click the cancel/delete forever button, I thought it will be best to save all the memories…

There is however one thing bothering me like hell, it says I made my Friendster account in 2003… Was it only during the last year of college that we had Friendster? That doesn’t sound right to me. Does anyone remember if I deleted my old account and created a new due to my post-breakup madness? If I did, that was sure very dumb of me!

Anyway, back to the chronicling of memories…

Let’s start off with the testimonials:

09/24/2003 1:19 pm
  • “I’m not yet drunk. See I spelled all
    the words correctly (looking at a text
    she’s composing).” This quote will be
    forever ingrained in my mind as one of
    my best juvi memories. Grabe, sobrang
    fun kasama pag medyo tipsy na. Laugh
    trip and super kulit. :p
10/08/2003 10:14 am
  • Ditto to everything Tashana said! =p
    hehehe, been only out once with Juvi,
    but it sure was memorable… i-deny pa
    raw na hindi siya drunk!
    But alcohol aside, Juvi is one cool
    chick who’s fun to hangout with, and
    whom you could definitely talk to on
    just about anything…. boys
    (F4…hehehe), friends/”friends”, food,
    etc. luvyah Juvi! =)
10/25/2003 10:56 am
  • a sophisticated woman with a passion
    for poems… would rather dive into
    her notebook and drown in her
    thoughts… a great
    listener, “kabiruan” and friend…
10/27/2003 9:30 am
  • Yang si Bossing, mahal ko yan e! Ewan
    ko ba kung anong meron tong chick na to
    kaya hindi ako makahindi sa kung ano
    mang favor ang hingin nya (pwera na
    lang kung gawin akong Ms. Engg) :p
    Basta ang alam ko lang she’s one good
    pahtee goer, a better leader, and the
    best friend anyone can have (HOT CHICK
    pa!!!)! Parang walang connection yung
    mga yun a…. Oh well, labyu bosing!
    Para sa mga boylets na pogi at ndi
    dorky, pila na! πŸ™‚
10/29/2003 12:38 pm
  • One of my fave gimik buddies
    (especially now that she has all the
    time in the world to go out with her
    friends. hmmm… bakit
    kaya?)… “Spells her texts correctly”
    and shifts into conio mode when
    drunk… My reliable companion to the
    CR and to the canteen… Knows
    practically everything about me
    from “ways to spoil my day” to ways to
    brighten my birthday (she gave me the
    best bday present this year – a set of
    MG2 CDs. Hehehe)… A true friend who
    will always be there for me. I love
    this girl so much!!! I’ll always be
    here for you. Wish you all the best.
    Don’t hesisate to love again. Cheers
    to more gimiks, impromptu trips to
    Tagaytay, more chats on YM, more
    kuwentuhan and more fond memories!!!
10/29/2003 2:38 pm
  • Si Lenlen ay isang tunay na kaibigan…
12/05/2003 2:18 pm
  • juvi is my dear friend. always there to
    support me. she has taught me a lot,
    through her advices and her example.
    masayang kasama si juvi, even if you’re
    sad she’ll make you feel better –
    kukunin muna sa comfort and payo, pag
    wala pa rin inuman nalang. hehe. she
    expects nothing less than real
    friendship and love, because that’s
    what she gives. πŸ™‚ and that’s what any
    beautiful person like her deserves.
    mwah! take care juvi. miss you.
IE Club
01/01/2004 7:15 am
  • One Certified IE Clubber!
Mara V M
02/24/2004 6:30 pm
  • a. juvi? matalino yan computer genuis!
    patay patay ka pag na bear hug ka nan!
    sakit! well yun lang… wala ng nag
    pop sa mind ko(blank) see?! t.k!!!!!!
04/09/2004 11:25 pm
  • hi juvlats!!!used to call her dat name
    way way back in high school..tagal na
    pala nun noh???super bait to..galing pa
    man-doktor ng test papers..hahaha!hope
    to see you soon…makikita mo kg gano
    ko ka-macho friend!
MaCi πŸ™‚
04/13/2004 9:19 am
  • akla k nung nsa bus kmi ppuntang
    baguio,masungit at npkaantiptka nya!!!
    pro promiz akala k tlaga!!nagkmali
    tlaga me…she’s vry kind pla!!! naging
    close kmi nung ngdadance n kmi sa
    disco!!!kc preho kming mukang ewan non!!
    pro ang sya nyang ksma!!alam nyo bang
    mas cute xa pagnkapony ng 2 ung hair
    nya!!!kc pagnkalugay ang sungit nyang
    tgnan!!dvah??!!!!miz k n nga yan e… d
    kc nagpa2ramdam!!nkalimutan nya n kya
    me!!!o god!!wag nman sana!!kc one of a
    kind yang girl n yan!! kya juvi!!
    magparamdam nman u!!!!kc miz n tlga
    kta!!!love u friend!!mwah…….
04/22/2004 4:55 am
  • I miss our chismisan during long
    breaks — gawa kaming storya, nag-iisip
    ng pwedeng i-pair-up (in fairness
    magaling kami!), i-babash ang mga
    walang kwentang tao, etc. We can talk
    about ANYTHING!! Super sayang kakulitan
    ni Juvi!! Miss na kita!
05/31/2004 5:28 pm
  • …hi girl, ‘lam nyo i got so many
    atraso to this girl especially when it
    comes to lakaran and gimikan with
    other sassafras and kermitt
    children… la lang…it always get to
    cross with my personal sked kc e…
    nway guys,just want u 2 know,
    how ‘superb’ this girl is in our
    training program…she’s really the
    best when it comes to product
    knowledge. she even got an award for
    that…pro she still remain humble and
    super down to earth with all of us…
    she’s not madamot in sharing her sagot
    in STAR most esp to me…hindi malayo
    n mapromote ang babaeng ito dahil sa
    sobrang galing!!…hope that we can
    get to work again in d same sked…
    hope that i can make up with
    that…thanks for everything juvsss!!!
    Mabuhay k gurl!!!!^_^
06/25/2004 12:27 am
  • If you nid some1 na mahihingan ng sama
    ng loob or masasabihan ng secrets, c
    juvy yun! Very nice girl once you get
    to know her…sometimes people’s 1st
    impression of her is antipatika or
    maldita but i tell you people…she’s
    really a good person and worth keeping
    for a friend!
08/07/2004 3:49 pm
  • such a sweet girl! i can relate with u
    gurl! *wink* hehehe… no sreiously,
    bait and so thoughtful =) san na
    padate mo saken?! =)
madonna angela
08/31/2004 7:55 am
  • This girl is very sweet, u can sense it in
    her when you’re together. very generous
    yan eh, laging nanlilibre palibhasa kc
    rich kid πŸ˜‰ matalino din 2 and we can
    easily relate with each other since
    pareho kming taga-peyups. (naks!
    yabang eh noh?=p) she’s very real,
    which is one of her traits na i really like
    tlga about her. she has no pretentions
    whatsoever and always there for you in
    good and bad times. she’s the type of
    friend who’ll fight for you talaga. thanks
    juvi 4 all d support! i love you so much
    gurl! c u at work! i miss you! mwah!
09/04/2004 2:29 am
  • iyakin ‘to.. biro lang.. high school ko
    pa ‘to kilala pero nung college kami
    naging close.. marami-rami din kaming
    pinagsamahan at marami akong
    nalaman tungkol sa kanya.. si juvi ay
    antukin.. laging tulog sa dorm at sa
    apartment nila.. masaya kasama..
    masarap kakuwentuhan.. malakas
    manlait.. konyita.. at higit sa lahat, siya
    ay isang tunay na kaibigan.. nawa ay
    makalabas tayong muli.. kitakits!
10/03/2004 11:18 pm
  • pinaasa nya kami sa outing
    heheheh…i dnt know when the
    friendship really started. nagulat na
    lang ako nagma-make up na kami,
    tawanan, nag f-friends at madalas na
    kaming magkasama, pink din ang
    aura nya. she’s one of the sweetest
    girls sa team namin. magkakasama
    din kaming nag prepare ng ballpen
    para sa mga DA namin. parati nyang
    kaaway si ry at mukhang may future
    sila together. i’ll always be here, there
    and everywhere to watch over you
    and protect you, amen…
11/16/2004 4:12 pm
  • “life is like a box of chocolate… you’ll
    never know what you gonna get”
    —-> Forest Gump

    well… juvi is a tobleron then…
    one of my favorites!!! πŸ™‚

iCe cReaM
01/11/2005 5:53 pm
  • JUVINESS!!! the best sup around!!! (no
    offense to my former sups…)

    no, seriously, she’s the only sup kase i
    really didn’t consider as sup… bad bang
    pakinggan? not really… kse she’s
    more than a sup… she’s a friend…
    *sniff* misunderstood lang sya dati…
    moody kase… but we’re a team now…
    thanks dun sa 1 hour na coaching…
    parang everything started from there
    kase… di ba?

    i’ll never forget spending new year with
    you… kelan kaya mauulit yon?
    exeption tracker ulit?!!! oist! secret lang
    yung napag-usapan dun ha?!
    promise… try kong mag bagong
    buhay… hehe! (kaya?) sobrang you’re
    one of the people na ma-mi-miss ko pag
    umalis ako sa tele…

    stay sweet…

    good luck sa lahat…

    love yah! *mwah!*

07/18/2005 6:00 am
  • Here fishy, Fishy, FISHY!!!!!
11/02/2005 5:43 am
  • Happy Birthday To You!
    Happy Birthday To You!
    Magparamdam ka Juvi….
    Happy Birthday To You!

    I Miss You Juvi!

Mara V M
03/17/2006 10:28 pm
  • hay ate juvi i really loved this messed up girl(nyahhaaa)…. miss u na i hate this girl cause i learned a whole lotta crap…. nyhahaa but seriously i lyk talkin’ to her she’s like miss-know-it-all, like this is that and that is this , i hate her because she’s a freakin genuis, lyk one tym when i saw her old notebook and then i read all of her freakin poems, i didn’t know she has this lil-shakespear thingy going on. and i hate her cause she’s like so malambing and she wants to give everyone a big hug and kisses that sucks,i hate her because i think shes a hopeless romantic she loves watching romantic sappy movies, and i”ve seen this girl fall in love and fall outta love! tsk tsk…hope she finds the ugly man she deserves (haha) i hate her because she’s so unpredictable one day she’s freakin mad and the other day she’s freakin sweet, and lastly i dont really hate her…. i love her just the way she is. haha
04/05/2006 1:45 am
  • hindi ko akalaing wala pa akong testi sayo wahaha! anyway, better late than never, ika nga.. i’ve known juvi for almost 2 years pa lang, and yet i could say that she has been one of my closest friends.. magkasama kami nun sa accent training in one big class and then we got together in another class.. i learned na taga UP sya at IE.. hehe anyway, whatever your affiliations are LOVE NA LOVE pa rin kita! hahaha peace tayo hehe mabait, maaasahan, mauutangan (rich girl to! LOL), makwento, madaldal, sweet, simple, and she knows how to assert herself.. tagal na naming di nagkikita nito.. she comes in at night while i’m looming around by day wahahaha balita ko, straight na straight na raw ang buhok mo? hehehe post ka naman ng bagong pics para makita ko kahit papano.. see you πŸ™‚
07/01/2006 11:03 pm
  • Si Juvi, sandali ko pa lang kilala, at sa oras na to, natatawa na ako. Kasi naman, di nya sinabi na honorary member pala sya ng TST Frat(a.k.a. Toma Suka Tumba Fraternity). Lakas kasi ng loob eh. Sa susunod, out of town tayo at sana madami na tayo, tapos overnight para di ka didiretso pauwi sa inyo. harhar!!!Had a great time w/ you guys. Kulit nyo! Magbabaon na rin ako ng Tito Vic and Joey na movies para lalong masaya.I thank God for giving me new friends like you, dutz and jen.See yah around!
07/17/2006 4:15 am
  • hey karen!they wouldn’t know what that means. hehe!this girl here is one of the coolest person I know. why? i don’t know!hahahaha!nah! she’s indeed cool. she joined my misadventures and hopefully, next time, it’s gonna be an exhilirating adventure. check my profile, ang mga ebidensya, nandun!saturday ha?
08/05/2006 12:32 pm
  • Another testi from a good friend..Juvi is one of the best people I’ve ever met. If I would get stuck in an island, I’d definitely spend the rest of my life with her in that island. She makes sense and always gives an honest opinion. Her intellectuality is what urging me to be with her always. Mi amore, that’s how I call her. She would never get into your way unless she clears it for you. Always there to give a hand and would find time to be with you. A very understanding person and a friend worth keeping. I just love her dearly as she never talks of nonsense things. She’d rather be silent than say something irrelevant or nonsense. She was able to meet my expectations. A person who can understand deeply and who can exactly tell you about how she feels and thinks. A very true person who you can dream of having as a friend. Doesn’t find fault but would tell you something that would enlighten you. She’s very straightforward that she’d tell it to your face if you’ve done wrong.Love you!
Mara V M
04/25/2007 1:49 am
  • wherever you are
    i know this msg will reach you somehow
    wherever you are
    i know you are there
    you can be sooo cold sometimes
    i know
    i know
    how do you warm coldness?
    is it by showing extreme happiness
    or just by telling how much you miss them?

    are you there
    are you there

    are you even listening?

    as long as the stars are still shinning brightly

    until their luminous light dim or fade out

    im here

    we’re still here

    waiting for you

    to come back

    or to grab that phone

    and make a phone call

    you know our digits

    is not like im a stranger to you?…

    its not that hard to say hi isn’t it?

    take care lovely b*****

    btw…your’e looking fine…

    looks like you back in shape…again…

    bahhhh….buhbye for now…

    some are just really worried sick about you


    so yah…so if it like this msg “moved” you or whatever…don’t forget to bring home pasalubong or whatever a good book or a chocolate wil

04/27/2007 2:25 pm
  • juvi! mishu na! dalawin mo nmen kami sa floor. utang na loob. nyahaha.
06/07/2007 11:26 pm
  • i should have listened to you before. i miss you now especially in times that i and most especially everybody needs someone who will be good enough to understand and pour us with advices. but it has been a great ride honestly. i won’t regret anything. of course i would admit that it hurts like hell but i’m sure it won’t last a lifetime. i believe i’m strong to handle anything. i just wanna say thank you for everything that i have learned from you. you will always be one of my idols. just stay beautiful as always. love yah!
06/12/2007 2:58 pm
  • Hi honey ko! i just want to say thank you for everything… i’m so speechless.. i couldn’t ask for more.. he gave me the most precious gift in my entire life and that’s you.. thank you loving me back… i promise you that i will be there for you always.. loving you, your shield to protect you…. and remember that i’m always inlove you… i can’t wait to be with you as in to be with you… “Will You Marry Me and be my Wife?” – i love you sobra… mwah!
07/02/2007 7:57 pm
  • HIgh and mighty juvi! that’s what we call her (not in front of her though!) but she’s the reason why until now we cant leave TP and why we dont want to be promoted. the moment she left our team, we suddenly realize we wanna be like her; i miss her especially at times when i know she’s d only one who can understand and d only one who can change my mind. d only person who can make you feel guilty by just staring at you. the only person who can be nice and be bitchy at the same time. you will always be a part of my past, my present and my future! love you! mis u!
07/20/2007 10:01 pm
  • tsk tsk
    magbabayad ang mga umabandona sa amin na nagkitakita sa mega..hehe.
09/23/2007 5:26 pm
  • Pssssttt!!!!!paramdam ka naman! mishu!
10/24/2007 10:14 pm
  • hey twin.. miss you na…anyways, happy happy birthday to you dear..hope you’re always =Pmwah..lov ya twin..hugs `n kisses … coy
10/25/2007 8:46 am
  • oist!!!maligayang kaarawan!!nyehehe..
11/20/2007 7:48 am
  • Yo Juvlots… Musta..? πŸ™‚
    Salamat nga pala at kahit hindi na tayo masyado naguusap, andun ka nun kelangan ko ng kaibigan… astig ka..! πŸ˜‰
    Ingats lagi…
12/25/2007 10:47 am
  • juvi?all i know is everytime i have to do something about my job, i have to think first if she did something like that with us before…then that’s the time i can finally decide. she’s a rule that i need to remember all the time, like when i was still her agent…. for me she’s an unwritten standard that i need to live up with…until now.
Disco Stu
02/20/2008 12:40 am
  • thank you Ms. Juvie!!!!!! Go UP!!!!!!!
Mara V M
02/24/2008 6:16 pm
  • hey, nagview sa akin
    hindi nagbigay ng comment


    really, miss na kita

    (pkay, dahil dyan, lilibre na niya ako, YEHEY!)

    biro lamang



madonna angela
03/09/2008 8:50 pm
  • amishu fishy…. 😦
05/18/2008 6:35 am
  • hi juvi! just got a glance of the your pics and it made me so missing the ol’ times…..much more missing your company…kala ko paglipat ko ng octa mas magkakasama na tayo…anyway,be safe always….keep in touch! luv yah!
07/06/2008 11:08 am
  • ateh..aun..mamatz poh..lam muh nah un..lalabs dn kta…
    kxe lalabs kah ni kua qoh..


    lalo nah car muh..


10/20/2008 8:51 am
  • Ei! ate juvi? hahah not xre wat to call you…but i just wana say tnx..kc d mo ko jinudge kagad..and d support for me and ju…la lng..nabasa ko kc comment mo kay ju…its made me smyl rilly…saya! nweiz…tnx ult.. TC! πŸ™‚

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