Noynoy will run for 2010

Exactly 40 days after President Cory Aquino’s death, her son Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III has officially announced his candidacy for the 2010 Presidential Elections. The announcement was made at around 8am-ish at the Club Filipino in San Juan (the same place where his mother took the Presidential oath).

“Tinatanggap ko ang hiling ng sambayanan. Tinatanggap ko ang tagubilin ng aking mga magulang. Tinatanggap ko ang responsibilidad na ituloy ang laban para sa bayan. Tinatanggap ko ang hamon na mamuno sa laban na ito. Tatakbo po ako sa pagka-pangulo sa darating na halalan”

It seems that each of their reluctant acceptance of political responsibilityis always (but not incidentally) triggered by the death of one great family member. Cory to Ninoy’s and now Noynoy to Cory’s…. And so the challenge goes on for the Aquino clan.

While I am hopeful, I am not yet ecstatic. Noynoy like his mother is no doubt the most noble and principled candidate in the shortlist of Presidentiables, his political (in)experience still concerns me . While he was obviously instilled with everything I admired President Cory for, does he have the same wisdom, steel courage and faith — or at least enough for him and the whole Filipino nation to survive 6 years. I urge everybody to vote wisely and that means to continue to scrutinize each candidate until the actual ballot is right in front of us. To research, to know the issues, to hear each candidates platform, to hear their debates. Cory, and recently Noynoy, reminded me that decisions cannot be done hastily. Decisions should be made in a long painstaking process…. as we exercise our right, let’s make a vote that our heart, our mind and our Lord has blessed.

Cheers to a hopeful 2010. 🙂

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