Second flight to the Land Down Under

Woke up quite early today but unfortunately, not early enough to execute yesterday’s plan. Time was never my good friend and today wasn’t the day that we will forge a friendship. Good thing I had the most awesome fiancé who immediately rushed home to drive me to the airport (despite the fact that he’s the first person who would like to keep me from leaving).

My last minute flight itinerary is great! I flew out of Manila at 1230pm and landed in Hong Kong at 240pm. I then waited for my 830pm connecting flight to Sydney. 5 hours and 55 minutes doesn’t sound so bad except probably if you’re traveling alone.

The flight to Hong Kong was painless and I think it’s first place in all the 3 flights I have taken on this trip so far. On boarding the plane, I was hoping that I will be sitting beside “normal” folks. I got myself an aisle seat and had ok seatmates, right beside me was a Filipino guy who I think just got a contract outside the country and was flying for the first time (he seemed a little bit nervous and was fumbling with almost everything in the plane) and on the window seat  was a Caucasian backpacker who spent most of her time seating on her feet or asleep in the plane. We  just politely smiled at each other when passing food trays and basically left each other to ourselves. Perfect!

Also, I must say Cathay Pacific deserves a thumbs up for their fantastic in-flight entertainment that included Black Swan, Morning Glory, Burlesque, Due Date, 127 Hours, Tangled, Unstoppable among others. I kinda wished that I was spending the 5 hour layover inside the plane instead.

The bright side and the downside of HKIA is that you get stuck in one of the world’s largest terminal airports. It wasn’t my first time in this particular airport but I still spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get to the shops and restos. It’s also extremely busy that have to watch your things all the time.

I held back on shopping so I just went around through the stores taking note of the designer items I long to have. After 5 long hours of waiting, it was already time for boarding.

Boarding the plane, I sensed that this was not going to be a flight as nice as the first one. I still got an aisle seat but was seated next to uni 2 vacation-ing uni students. If it were 5 years earlier, I probably wouldn’t have been bothered by their loud chattering, high energy, and sloppy clothes.

It’s the first time that I’ve used Qantas so I am very excited to see how good they are but I was disappointed. First off, the planes were a lot older than the Cathay’s and the entertainment system wasn’t as good, like CX was already using HDTV while QF still uses CRT. The worse was the FA assigned to our section, who seemed to be flirting with the 2 young girls. I used the word ‘seem’ because it’s easier to think that a middle-aged man would act more appropriately. Maybe he was just being nice but he did kept on giving them alcohol even when they didn’t ask for any. Second, was that he kept offering me Chinese food and he’d always seemed surprised that I ask for the western dishes every time. Subtle racist much.

Overall, it wasn’t that bad. But I think I have a preference over other airlines than Qantas.

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