Health is wealth!

After a few days of not feeling well and more days of getting worse, I finally conceded to seeing a doctor. Now except for cough, occasional colds, and a really hoarse voice, I actually felt fine. Thankfully the Medical City ER was not so full when we went and it took only a few minutes before I got to see a family doctor.

D: Since when did you start feeling unwell?

M: A bit on Monday and then Tuesday, the colds started. By Wednesday, no more colds but then I had cough. Then I lost my voice.

D: When did you lose your voice?

M: About Thursday.

(Asked me to open my mouth)

D: Your (forgot what she called it) and (again I forgot) are both red and swollen. You have pharyngolaryngitis. I will be giving you antibiotics and you have to rest your voice. Did you do a lot of talking?

M: Yea. I had to do quite a number of meetings, presentations, and facilitation. The last few weeks have been hard work and the week before I got sick, I had pulled in a lot of long hours.

D: What work do you do? Can you avoid talking? You can talk but it has to be soft and avoid it as much as possible. Can you take some rest?

M: (Imagining how to work without talking and just about ready to protest) When you say rest, as in not go to work?

D: Voice rest and rest at home. What do you do?

M: Operations Manager in a Call Centre

D: Hmm… not familiar with Call Centre so what do you do?

M: Oh sorry. I mean I oversee accounts in a call centre. Normally talking to clients, dealing with managers, fixing daily issues. Similar to any management role. How long is the rest needed?

D: About 2-3 days…

M: Ummm… I think I can… (Not entirely convinced or maybe I just don’t like authority) Will I get better faster if I take a rest?

D: Absolutely. (And then the she said something that made me shut up) Sometimes you have to listen when your body tells you to slow down.

I ended up with a prescription of antibiotics, steroids for rhinitis, a medcert for 3 days of rest, mandate to drink lots of fluids, and a nagging thought to validate if I really do not listen enough to what my body says.

Now I found this interesting video which talks about listening to your body. While she had generally described men, I realized that I share the same reason of why I am so stubborn about seeing doctors and going to hospitals.

Human Longevity Secrets: Listen to Body

And here’s another article that can probably help people like me overcome the not listening to your body dilemna:

Sometimes, my ‘mind over matter’ principle does not always apply and today is another perspective change day… I choose to listen now because I know I can only change the world if I remain alive and healthy. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Health is wealth!”

  1. Thanks Jon. I hope you had your head checked out too! Even if you cured it naturally (which is what I would normally do too), it wouldn’t hurt to see a doctor.

    I started yoga a few weeks back and your post encourages me to continue it. I might even try tai chi one of these days!

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