Ho-hum, Sorta Review

Homemade street food

When I’m sick, I comfort myself with food. So the past few days have been about eating leftovers and experimenting in the kitchen.

So today, after devouring 3/4 of a whole block of Cadbury Milk Chocolate, I decided to try cooking our favorite orange street food, kwek-kwek.

Like everything I try to imitate, I simply got the recipe online: All Recipes kwek-kwek. 😝

One tip, careful with those small mccormick food coloring bottles cause they spill easily. At one point, the batter made me think of Freddie Krueger’s lunch.

This dish is quail egg and deep fried so it’s not one of your healthier options. To make it less sinful, I used EVOO and Canola oil in frying the batter-coated quail eggs.

After taste-testing, I realized I didn’t prefer the vinegary sauce that came with the recipe. What I craved for was that sweet brown sauce that you normally get with fishballs.

I befriended google one more time and found Streetfood style fishball sauce. There were a few changes I did to the recipe though like skipped using cornstarch cause I didn’t have any ☺ and used tbsp measure for the flour instead of tsp, it just wasn’t thickening if I kept the tsp parts.


Overall, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Can’t wait for the hubby to wake up and try it. Thinking quail eggs and fishballs will be a regular on the grocery list after this. 😊😊😊

2 thoughts on “Homemade street food”

  1. My pleasure to link. Loved your recipe, good move on the no vinegar! I will stock on cornstarch next time.

    …And you’d be glad to know it did end up orange as i mixed yellow. 😆 But it turned blood red first and i had to use much yellow to get it back to orange.

  2. Hi there, Juvifish! Thanks for linking to my blog post and I’m glad you liked the recipe. If hope you’d be able to have cornstarch the next time you try the recipe as this is what makes the sauce thicker. But your increased flour trick already did the job so no more need for the cornstarch, perhaps.

    As for the Freddie Kruegger red, perhaps you could add a few drops of yellow to give it an orange hue.

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