Unexpected love story

The more obvious change is how you’ve turned our living space to your living space. The living room has a pram across each end, the coffee table has a rocker for centerpiece, there’s a boxed high chair in the kitchen, and colorful clutter — rattles, blankies, milk bottles, small clothes — everywhere. All these at 3 months!

The not so obvious changes are the ones others can only sense and only I can feel.

You’ve changed the meaning of every love song for me.  I hear Betty Who on the radio and ‘I love you always forever’ suddenly isn’t about a boy and a girl but our love story. I am breaking my promise to your dad to only be in love with him because I am hopelessly in love with you (it’s the same for him so it’s ok).

I wake up every morning earlier than I want to cause every extra waking hour is time with you. I don’t bother with my phone as soon as I wake up like I used to. My first thought now is how well you’ve slept and if you feel great today (and then I think of your dad).

Priorities have taken a backseat to you. Work-life balance jumped on top of the list cause I need to be involved in everything you. Yes, we’ll probably be obsessive parents (we’ll try hard not to be) and you’ll complain a lot but you will never be wanting.

I sleep less but sleep much better when you sleep soundly between mum & dad. I’ve memorized your little snores, your dreamin’ smiles, and every grunt.

Your smiles make a big difference between a bad and a great day. I rarely have bad days cause you make everything better. I forget all the trivial problems when I’m reminded of how great God’s love is by looking at you.

Family meant so much more when you arrived… and I can only see my future when it’s connected with your dad and you.

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