Juvifish Journals

Day28 2020

Gratitude Diary

1. Days when I can take and fetch my Sydney from school

2. Lance and I journeying through Leap together

3. Cozy House that makes staying at home fantastic

Exercise Yoga With Adriene Home Day 19

Prayer or Meditation Yoga With Adriene 7min Meditation to start your day


juvifish journal

Today, I was restless. I was again doubting myself and was questioning whether people loved, liked, or hated me. There was no external incident that triggered me, I was actually just at a salon with free time to think.

So I forced myself to Ground and Center and a thought came into my head, if I need to fill my love tank perhaps the best way to receive is to give so I posted the below…

The result, 94 reactions — 55 ❤️s 39 👍s and 21 encouraging comments!

Now, God truly gives you more than what you deserve as he gave me my second affirmation tonight during the first Leap83 Council Leaders meeting.

I got a nomination for Team Leader from one person, which I respectfully declined because I knew I couldn’t fulfill the role and I want to put myself first (self-care). But thank you Andrea, you don’t know how much you’ve given me tonight.

And then there was the love and energy from the Council Leaders, our Deputy Leader, and our fearless Team Leader. (Not spoiling until the offical minutes come out.) I loved watching them share ideas, volunteer, brainstorm, and even argue with honesty, openness, and trust. They made me feel like we can conquer the world and I bet we will. ❤️

With Love and Trust, we Rise Above!

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