Juvifish Journals

Day29 2020

Gratitude Diary

  1. Work that allows “I’m not ok” days
  2. MusicMusic
  3. Hugs

Exercise – 2 needed tomorrow

Meditation – Oooops!

juvifish journalToday was a day of feeling hurt and crying it out. But as coach said, it is only ok to be a victim for a short while and I knew I needed to start finding acceptance & love so off to the shower I went to wash off whatever negative energy I have been harboring.

God is truly faithful and the universe hears even your faintest intention. As I walked into the living room, Lance was telling Sydney to give me a hug and he also came over to give me a one and apologized. I know we will go through more episodes but in the end, we’re able to work through it. I choose Love and He’s open to Love.❤️

With Love and Trust, we Rise Above!

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