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Living Loud with Leap 1-83!

By Day 3 of the first Intensive, I was already cycling through bursts of high and low energies. It was also very confusing why there were so many people suddenly coming into the innov8 office and my imagination is going wild with potential initiation rituals.

As we stepped into the room, it was bursting with so much noise and energy. It was then that I realized that this is a glimpse of the 3000 strong community. I felt in awe with the commitment and love that people have been giving back to this LEAP community. When the parade started, I felt kindred with everyone that walked and performed. I knew they understood our journey and I understood theirs.

As the coaches performed, the nervousness that was there during all the practices died down because they did exactly what you were going to do and with seeing the community, I knew there was acceptance even if we end up making a fool of ourselves. So we did our best and felt good about ourselves.

In the end, I felt very lucky that I have the chance to become part of this family that dreams about “A world that works without No One Left Out”. It echoes in my heart and sings in my soul. I am home.

Featured Image “Keep Living Loud!”. Credits to the owner at https://dribbble.com/shots/1965996-Keep-Living-Loud?list=following&offset=51

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