Paints & Mess

Friday night, since Lance has to attend a seminar, I decided to plan a loving activity with Sydney instead. I bought tile art and washable finger paints. I was quite excited and I was playing a hundred possible reactions in my head.

As we were finishing call centre at home, I started getting Sydney prepped for our painting activity. I gave her the paints first and I told her there was still a unicorn art set but I couldn’t figure out where I put it, she immediately helped me to look for it. When we finally had both sets and I started setting up the table, I could see pure joy in her eyes and she expressed her delight with squeals. She was literally “gigil” and was shouting “I am so excited”.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen her react that way but I think it’s the first time that she had it for something we were going to do together. Heart burst!

Now, there was a point that we were getting a bit messy and I caught myself controlling the situation because I wanted things to be neat and I didn’t want to have to do lots of clean-up. But again, I caught myself and I went back to my goal and my declaration, why am I doing this anyway? It’s for her to feel how much I love her and to live my declaration of I choose Love.

So I stopped controlling and let her be as messy and as happy as she could be, she was pure joy and I am pure joy with her.

I am so lucky that I have Sydney to remind me of my essence and how I should live my life everyday — trusting, joyful, loving, accepting, passionate, and committed to play. ❤️

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