How can it be right when you’re sad?

Before I started this journey, I rated my life a 9/10 but as weeks passed by, the process is making me relive so many things that I feel I have progressed from or maybe in the least, I have learned to manage.

I feel this whole process has either made me extra sensitive or the journey is causing unresolved issues to surface. Either way, I am uncomfortable and I am unhappy.

If love is the answer and then I am lost in the questions still.

Seriously, I liked me better before this journey… but I am holding on the fact that I will find a better person if I trust the process. I have always promised myself that I will try things at least once and change should not scare me, so persevere I will.

One tip given is that during the hard days, you have to go back to your declaration so I am choosing that, I choose Love.

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