21 Days of Abundance

Day2 of 21 Days

I create my personal abundance from an infinite source.

I found the exercise for Day 2 a bit harder than the first. I spent the whole day thinking about it and only as I sat down alone with my thoughts did I find some answers.

It reminded me that everyone carries a burden. To some, these are concrete things that you immediately hear or feel from them but then there are those others, who you would not notice at all. I realized that the difference between these people is how they react to the burden.

Abundance comes in many forms — money, time, relationships and it could mean differently for each of us. But achieving abundance seems to be universally defined, it’s not only about having overflowing blessings but a perspective that you have or can have more than enough.

It’s cliche but it’s true that someone who has Php 100M may still feel he does not have enough if he is coming from scarcity. Often these people are living beyond his means, or other aspects of their lives are sacrificed, or simply not being grateful. While someone with much less money may feel more abundant and grateful.

I know of people in my life who are content living within their means, they celebrate their simple lifestyle without debt, and share that their most valuable possessions are health, family, and love.

I know of people who have much less than others and are thrown more problems but they seek to be grateful for the things that they have, they continue to be abundant.

I look at my life today and I am grateful for having more than enough. I also realize that this abundance came when I tapped my inner infinite source. Abundance manifests when my heart is grateful and my intentions are from essence.

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