Lockdown Documentaries

Fight for Humanity 2020

28 days in and we’re still in a lockdown. Today was supposed to be the original lockdown end date but 6 days ago, the government announced an extension until the 30th of April. Despite the toll of being on lockdown, I absolutely agree to it’s extension and I vote yes to even further extension. Our healthcare system just isn’t ready to cope with more infections and the extension buys us the much needed time that we need.

Now, one thing I’ve discovered about myself (and there has been lots that I’ve learned) is that I cope with action — I volunteer, I donate, I plan (or try to), I coax people into action with me, and sometimes, I even find the inspiration to write.

I believe, however hard, we have the responsibility to contribute to humanity so here’s a list that you can work through:

1. Stay home and save lives!

2. Contribute to our frontliners and those in need:

Groups to donate to:

https://www.facebook.com/rio.barrameda.1 (Food Program for Bulacan)

3. Contribute to the Economy #1. If you have the privilege and the opportunity, Work from Home and work excellently.

Grab any opportunity to work, be productive, and let’s continue paying our taxes. We can argue all we want about corruption or that we’ve paid more than enough — but now is the time that we need our taxes need to work for us. We need to continue fund our healthcare system (it is unthinkable if this breaks), the social amelioration projects (feeding the poor ensures more people stay home), safety & security initiatives (only with order can we function as a proper society). And yea, if we can raise our own funds, we don’t have to sell our country’s natural resources (or not sell all of it).

4. Contribute to the Economy #2. Buy from our farmers, MSMEs, or at least buy local.

How to support:


5. Contribute to Mental Health and Well-being.

It could be as easy as checking in on your family and friends or a more active part by volunteering for counseling. Be a person that is available for anyone who is struggling.

How to support or where to get support:

tinyurl.com/pspform2020 Ugnayan ng Pahínungód Diliman Call for Volunteers
https://www.facebook.com/PMHAofficial #EnsuringWellbeingAmidstCOVID19
bit.ly/PsycServPH UPD PsycServ

6. Contribute to Collective Consciousness. Pray, meditate, or whatever heals your soul. Send positive intentions. ❤️

Support Groups or Online Sessions:

https://www.facebook.com/sarahsalcedorubin Group Healing Meditation
https://www.facebook.com/january.gabriel Quijong Sessions
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLui6Eyny-Uzy-b0MKzL2EfaTqB0ppgK06 Yoga with Adrienne – Yoga for Uncertain Times

Please comment for any additional information you can provide. I have no doubt that together, we will Rise Above!

I love you all!

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