30 years has not taught me much, I think I got stuck at being 23 except for a few minutes when I experience bouts of maturity (normally when somebody else does something more idiotic than what I am doing). Despite not being raised in a spoiled manner, I turned out to be a world-class brat. Perhaps, because of the fact that I was spoiled too much by friends and boyfriend. “A girl with her own insecurities who acts tough every time” is how I would describe me but no one would ever believe it.

If you know me well, you’d know that I keep a nice personal phone that often has no use and ends up becoming just a nice display and oes wherever I go —hardly looked at, rarely used. While I rave about purple in almost anything, black is the staple color in my closet. You’d also know that I fall in love every few weeks — with a new pair of shoes (more recently, I’ve been polygamous — at least 2 shoes every time). Recently, someone said my shoe cabinet (which is just the trunk of my car) might be a wonderland. And it might just be—for me, at least.

I am bad with names… Terrible! I can say several important details about a person: what you did 6 months ago, how we met, what you wore when we met but count on the fact that I cannot properly introduce you to anyone. I am the same way with streets, I find my destinations by remembering landmarks and I give directions with “ummm…not sure what it was called but it has 7-eleven and wendy’s. Near the place where we had a party 2 months ago…” but most recently, I find places using my Ipad.

It was a long while before I fell in love after the first time I fell in love. I was boycotting commitment until Nice made me crash into him. From then on, I couldn’t imagine any other day without him. We’ve been pushing back our wedding date and have gone into a very long engagement but we are definitely serious about getting hitched!

Like everyone else, I am trying to have contentment stay in my backyard for more than just a few weeks… and every day, I see more chances of it becoming a reality.

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