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“Second to the right and then straight on till morning.”

What else can make you feel more like Christmas? A trip to Disneyland!!! The park is operating from 10am til 9pm on the day we were visiting so we decided to leave the hotel a little after 10am. Park hours slightly differ so always check before going, here's a link to the park calender: Disney… Continue reading “Second to the right and then straight on till morning.”

Catharsis, Sorta Review

Faith that transcends gender

It's rare that I get to have meaningful conversations that do not involve work when at the office but today, I was lucky enough to have some downtime with very interesting people. A friend shared with us that he had prayed to God to give him a sign if being gay is really a sin.… Continue reading Faith that transcends gender

Recipes, Sorta Review

Penne & Veggie Salad

Are you like me who finds it hard to choose vegetables over other food? I actually enjoy eating vegetables once I get through the first bite but it's the putting it on your plate that's the problem for me. Thus, I cheat myself by mixing my veggies into seemingly more mainstream food. Here's a recipe… Continue reading Penne & Veggie Salad

Recipes, Sorta Review

My Penne fascination

Because of watching a lot of Food Network and Lifestyle Channel, Hubby and me are finding ourselves experimenting a lot in the kitchen lately. Tonight's inspiration: Cooking Light's Bacon Mac I used Penne Pasta, skipped the hot sauce, replaced green onion with one whole white onion, cut down the Cheddar cheese to 3/4 cup and… Continue reading My Penne fascination

Ho-hum, Sorta Review

Homemade street food

When I'm sick, I comfort myself with food. So the past few days have been about eating leftovers and experimenting in the kitchen. So today, after devouring 3/4 of a whole block of Cadbury Milk Chocolate, I decided to try cooking our favorite orange street food, kwek-kwek. Like everything I try to imitate, I simply… Continue reading Homemade street food