21 Days of Abundance

Day1 of 21 Days

Today, I behold all the Abundance that surrounds me. The Universe hears. Yesterday, a friend invited me to join him as he journeys through Deepak Chopra's 21-Day Abundance Meditation Challenge. My reply to his invite, "Yes! I don't have a lot of time but I need the meditation." I have just finished both the exercise… Continue reading Day1 of 21 Days

Lockdown Documentaries

Keeping Spirits High Day 1

Metro Manila has been placed on Enhanced Community Quarantine, a nicer term for lockdown, since 17-Mar. I've actually been busier than ever with getting work from home quickly setup for our people while I and the family try to navigate the new normal. As a way to ensure that the team is coping, I've started… Continue reading Keeping Spirits High Day 1

Juvifish Journals

How can it be right when you’re sad?

Before I started this journey, I rated my life a 9/10 but as weeks pass by, the process is making me relive so many things that I feel I have progressed on or maybe it that least, I have learned to manage. I feel this whole process has either made me extra sensitive or the… Continue reading How can it be right when you’re sad?

Juvifish Journals

The Road to Acceptance is the same road to Joy

The hardest thing about doing this Trilogy journey is the introspection and coming to terms with the realities of the world you've built. For months now, I wondered if I was bipolar cause there were manic days and depressive days but I was always high functioning and every google that had a checklist said I… Continue reading The Road to Acceptance is the same road to Joy