The clock struck three
and you stir.
My heart stops
for a few seconds,
knowing I would lose sight of you
before it strikes the next hour.
In these moments,
how I wish time
follows no law except my wishes.
Torn between
stopping time so you’d
stay in this room for eternity
or sliding to fast forward
to skip everything in between forever.

Be still.

Let everything take its course.


love shall be.

i see you falling
like a rock thrown
from a skyscraper.
becoming faster.

i am the gravity
that plummets you into earth.
pulling you…
until you shatter upon impact.

you are the target and
i, the silver bullet.
my intention is to love
but i can only lead —-

to your eventual death.

Digital Poison

I am sitting in the dark,
hearing only the beep of my mobile phone
and the rhythmic hum of the ventilation system.
A migraine brewing from staring at the screen
or perhaps it hurts because it is trying to absorb
the thousand thoughts that surf through my mind,
as i succumb to questions of why my life is such.
What helps me stay connected
tears me from the inside out.
I want to skip a lot of people.
I miss a lot of people.


She spent every friday night

waiting for the stars to fall down

and as soon as nights unveils itself,

she longs for comets that come

every one hundred years

so she makes her wish.

Elusive happiness.

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