Lockdown Documentaries

Day 122: Reflection in the time of coronavirus

Day 45 of Lockdown. This is probably my first quiet time since community quarantine was announced on March 12. As an innate introvert, I think I have it easier than others but this situation gets to everyone and no one is immune to the cracks and kinks.


Prayer of Sacrifice

Lord of the Holy Sacrifice, your saving oblation on the cross has given me new life. May I always recall your holy sacrifice on the cross and do it in remembrance of you. When tempted by selfishness, inspire me to be taken as an unworthy sacrifice. When burdened by envy, let me become an instrument… Continue reading Prayer of Sacrifice


things have not gone my way…

WHEN YOU HAVE LOST YOUR TEMPER O God, I know my temper is far too quick. I know only too well how liable I am to flare up, and to say things for which afterwards I am sorry. O God, help me. Help me to think before I speak. When I feel I am going… Continue reading things have not gone my way…