Christmas & New Year text messages are not so common nowadays but of the few I received, there’s one that I would like to live by for the whole of 2012. Special thanks to Kizzy for sending it on New Year’s Eve. 🙂 Sunrise after the darkest of nights. Friends who bring out the best in you. A love that makes you smile. Belief that anything is possible. Courage to finally do… Read More

I want to run a marathon — but can’t or won’t. Same thing as I don’t want to live away from home — can’t or won’t. Typing a way on empty thouhgts seem weird. I keep on editing things that are in my head. Afraid to offend. Afraid to not make it. Afraid to fail. Afraid to admit that I am not good enough a writer. I think I stopped being good… Read More

If I could only bridge the distanceby telling you to touch my heart,I would not wish for impossible thoughtsand words will not end up failing mewhen my courage simply isn’t strong enough. In the end, there were simply no answerseven as I waited for stars to start falling from the sky.I am thinking of everything missingand where I should be starting my search.I am in a place of lost souls. Oh, how… Read More