“I am restless…guilty that the world is spinning and I am sitting still…” “Nothing to whine about tonight…And I do not like it when I cannot whine.” “When you struggle through raging emotions, words like: ‘there’s only you and my girl’ can keep you absolutely grounded…. crushed but grounded. Talk about fairness.” “Counting the days ’til I get my wings…everyday seems a little bit longer now, even sleep does not give me… Read More

dreamless slumber under the moonlit heaven i have sought your hand beyond the borders of my sanity into the depth of my crashing emotions… & i have found you trapped within my own expectations i have caught a glimpse of the could have been, should have been, would have been. beyond words to describe together we are perfection defined timeless, binded, & real. i am love eternal— all that is yours to… Read More

Day 278 of 04: I was moping a little while ago and thinking of what i should be doing this weekend. I put on my sched that it’s Taty’s and Jen’s bday bash this friday, which means i need to find a way of getting out of work or they’ll be talking about me all night.  Suddenly, I realized it’s October already and my bday is coming up soon.