Day 45 of Lockdown. This is probably my first quiet time since community quarantine was announced on March 12. As an innate introvert, I think I have it easier than others but this situation gets to everyone and no one is immune to the cracks and kinks.

Before I started this journey, I rated my life a 9/10 but as weeks passed by, the process is making me relive so many things that I feel I have progressed from or maybe in the least, I have learned to manage. I feel this whole process has either made me extra sensitive or the journey is causing unresolved issues to surface. Either way, I am uncomfortable and I am unhappy. If… Read More

We’ve been on the journey of battling PCOS for almost 2 years now, intermittently on the first year and religiously for the past 4 months. Despite having a number of people understand what we’re going through, there’s still a greater majority that don’t fully grasp the physical, emotional, and psychological impacts of it. There is still little sympathy and a lot more of insensitive comments. Day 285 is one of those low days. Our… Read More

It’s rare that I get to have meaningful conversations that do not involve work when at the office but today, I was lucky enough to have some downtime with very interesting people. A friend shared with us that he had prayed to God to give him a sign if being gay is really a sin. We asked how he would feel if it is. And this is where we hit an impasse…. Read More

Lord, give me strength to meet another day, to fight for a difference, to make a lasting change.