The more obvious change is how you’ve turned our living space to your living space. The living room has a pram across each end, the coffee table has a rocker for centerpiece, there’s a boxed high chair in the kitchen, and colorful clutter — rattles, blankies, milk bottles, small clothes — everywhere. All these at 3 months! The not so obvious changes are the ones others can only sense and only I… Read More

haaaaaaaay. grabe tong linggo na toh. i am at a total loss for words for everything that my family is currently experiencing. Last week, ang problema ko lang ay kung bakit wala pa akong schedule for job interviews. Syempre worried ako kasi wala na akong pambayad ng car by July. Bakit ba kasi ang mahal mahal ng gas? P53 per liter. Naman! But having no work is very, very relaxing. I get… Read More