I love having tons of pillows and stuffed stuff on my bed…the more clutter, the better! The less space to sleep in, the better! While others have blankies from their baby days or fishnets wrapped around their legs, I had my poohglet! Poohglet is my pet name for a pink bolster pillow with a piglet design. It’s my favoritest pillow in the whole wide wolrd. I used to bring it to my… Read More

Yesterday i was two things…one was very sleepy and the other was really embarrassed. i blame being sleepy on work (and excessive gimik) and i blame the embarrassed part on the lack of sleep. Although, someone had said i was just plain dumb. 😀 I went to mass in Bene at around 11. When the mass ended, my sister asked me to go return the mass pamphlet with her. While waiting for… Read More