“How are you?” is probably one of the hardest questions I’ve had to answer. Just how can one describe the myriad of feelings and thoughts that go through one’s head? Today is probably different. Today I can clearly describe how I feel. Despite taking my time and a few wrong turns, I am exactly where I belong— somewhere far away from restless, halfway through comfortable and on the way to contentment. I… Read More

So i am generally happier than most.I can speak my mind eloquently.I have a career even if it’s nowhere close to what I thought I should be. I have great friends,the most amazing ones,even if some are not here with me and even if i don’t see those who are here that often. I am spoiledby most of the people I love.I am not academically challenged. I know how to take risksand… Read More

these are the people who have seen me through my worst days… they were simply there when i felt my whole world was crumbling down. they stand by me everytime i have pathetic days (which is quite a lot…) they know me too well that i don’t have to say anything yet they already understand they can tell me i’m stupid straight out to my face and i’d believe them…and would only… Read More