For some reason, Lance had decided to activate a no-haircut policy until our pre-nupt in May. While I didn’t openly oppose the idea, I really, really hated it vehemently.  So I schemed to have him agree to a haircut without him feeling I demanded it. Step 1: Take lots of pictures like the ones below. 🙂 Eventually, he hated what he was seeing. Step 2: When he asks if I think he… Read More

The initial plan was to get a massage and then catch the last full show of Narnia. But what I really wanted was to have a haircut — but I knew getting Nice to agree with me was going to be a long ordeal. Surprise! Surprise! (or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been mopey the past few days) because he didn’t argue at all and even joined me in trying to… Read More