I have been angry and hurt for 2 days now. I’ve had conversations and conversations where I let all my feelings and angst go but it was never better, it just frustrated me more. Being me, I played every possible scenario in my head from vengeful to apathetic to even being apologetic. I went through each memory, through each conversation, seeing it from emotional to objective, from my perspective, their perspective, 3rd… Read More

“How are you?” is probably one of the hardest questions I’ve had to answer. Just how can one describe the myriad of feelings and thoughts that go through one’s head? Today is probably different. Today I can clearly describe how I feel. Despite taking my time and a few wrong turns, I am exactly where I belong— somewhere far away from restless, halfway through comfortable and on the way to contentment. I… Read More

Friday: Dinner at Bagoong Club. Mike, Kaye, Abie, Vince and me — spent the night making fun of Abie’s stories about home. Saturday: Bought a ton of dvds. Stars Wars, Fast and the Furious, and BAck to the Future Collections. All seasons of NCIS. The latest seasons of Glee and Criminal Minds. Grown ups. A-team. The Karate Kid. Clash of the Titans. It’s R&R and dvd marathon night! Happy that Celebrity Nails… Read More

Your heart deserves your trust A choice made by all of us The sun will come back tomorrow There’s a message in the bottle So come on I’ll meet you there There’s enough sunshine to share As long as you know The bridge between us is a rainbow

Where can you find the rewind in life? I wish to go back to the day when he felt like a knight in shining armor. There was never a day that he wasn’t. But sadly, I think he doesn’t know anymore. So maybe I do not deserve that happiness. Or maybe I do? Tomorrow, I wish to have a sign. Let him be here.