Day 45 of Lockdown. This is probably my first quiet time since community quarantine was announced on March 12. As an innate introvert, I think I have it easier than others but this situation gets to everyone and no one is immune to the cracks and kinks.

it used to be easy… secondary to my nature, the silent moments, whether forced or unconsciously happening, produced a strings of words that sings my soul. but the days moved along and the empty hours never did return, it carried away the ease of  inspiration. Quarter-life and the hustling only produced empty spaces, and the urge to spin thoughts was replaced by the craving to sleep through sunrises.

The other night I uttered a prayer of serenity.I was seeking guidance from misgivings.And though I often forget that he is beside me,I again put my faith blindly into his hands. Today, he granted my prayerand held my hand as I walked through.When he said no, it wasn’t a whisperbut a clear concise peace placed within my heart. I cried with the little understanding we were givenyet i never asked why me… Read More