Lockdown Documentaries

Day 122: Reflection in the time of coronavirus

Day 45 of Lockdown. This is probably my first quiet time since community quarantine was announced on March 12. As an innate introvert, I think I have it easier than others but this situation gets to everyone and no one is immune to the cracks and kinks.

Lockdown Documentaries

Keeping Spirits High Day 2

Metro Manila has been placed on Enhanced Community Quarantine since 17-March. The team is still working everyday, sometimes including the weekends, but our interactions have been limited to workchat, skype, phone conferences, and occasionally, zoom. As a way to ensure that the team is coping, I've started asking them questions with the intent of inspiring… Continue reading Keeping Spirits High Day 2

Original Poetry

i miss writing.

it used to be easy... secondary to my nature, the silent moments, whether forced or unconsciously happening, produced a strings of words that sings my soul. but the days moved along and the empty hours never did return, it carried away the ease of  inspiration. Quarter-life and the hustling only produced empty spaces, and the… Continue reading i miss writing.