A life that let’s you live without regret. You get to laugh a lot or at least smile a lot. A life that lets you experience more than what you’ve hoped for. That you don’t willingly hurt others and the situation doesn’t lead you to hurt them unwillingly. And when you make mistakes, others can forgive you and you can forgive yourself too. It could be really simple.

No nervous breakdowns for 4s & 5s No 3 days of crying over my first broken heart No several years of redefining myself or pathetically going after the definition I wanted. No year of being stuck in a sordid affair No infidelities stuck in my conscience No moments I wish I had not wasted or counting things I could have easily gotten. No questions about being in the right place No dreaming… Read More

I am cravingfor something outside the norm,(giddy…unexpected…ridiculous)the look that haunts dreamsand leads to great morning. I am trying to findthe one that fits the puzzle(serene…loving…mine)to complete the beautiful picturethat will finally start my life.

What happens next?I cannot regret.All my life, I have never had them.Could you be the first?

I believe in a grand masterpiece,that everything in my life is happening for a reason.For a greater good.For at least one person.If not me, then there is a he or she that exists. However insignificant my life is, in the millions of soulsthat roam the infinite gates of space and time,I count. And I do not seek answers and I gave up on asking questions.I only live to find meaning, happiness. Permanent… Read More